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Petural Dog Nail Grinder


Our Customers Say

I love that this thing is rechargeable, the last one I had was battery powered and I hated having to change the batteries every time I wanted to use it. Now I can just leave it plugged in and it’s ready to go every time I need it. It’s pretty quiet, and not too distracting or scary for my dog, but she’s used to them. It has two speeds, but even the low-speed seems pretty high to me, compared to ones I’ve had in the past. Still, it works great and I like the quality.


this product arrived in 2 days nicely packaged. trimmer appears solidly built, with instructions included. it comes charged and charging is accomplished via a usb cord, i use it on my black lab her was relaxed and seemed to like that it is not loud, it has 2 guides to help with proper trim length one for small pets and one for large pets, it is easy to hold and comfortable it trims the nails quickly and easily, i recommend this nail trimmer for any household pet.

Captain Wolfe

We had another nail trimmer that was just weak, it seemed to take forever to do the dogs nails. This nail trimmer is great! Works faster, quieter and my dogs are not freaking out! I have small dogs and keeping their nails trimmed is a full time job, using this nail trimmer makes it so much easier!

Murphys Mom

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